Saturday, May 30, 2009

TCO, UAE and Nuclear Power

The Beer: I did not win the competition at the Kohler Festival of Beer. But my buddy did. Close enough.

The Bicycle: Big ride tomorrow. I may have finally hit my stride. I'll be happy to no longer struggle.

The VRWC: Why would the President approve an agreement with the United Arab Emirates on the "peaceful use of nuclear energy", but believe it is not good enough for his own country?

If one looks at the Federal Register for May 28, 2009, one will find exactly that (see Presidential Documents). At the same time, there is no incentive from this administration to fast-track new nuclear plants in this country.

Just asking the question.


Ordinary Jill said...

Actually, the Department of Energy is investing in a bunch of new nuclear energy research projects:

I don't think the Obama administration is against nuclear energy. I think they're just keeping it on the down-low to avoid hissy fits from the left-wing-nuts who think they got Obama elected.

Deekaman said...

I'm aware of how many are planned, but the closing of Yucca Mountain is this administration's "stealth" method of banning new plants. No spent fuel storage, no new plants. I know you will disagree with me on this, but the administration is not only throwing a bone to Big Environmental, it also fully intends to keep new nukes on the drawing board. Ever since the late 70's-early 80's, Big Environmental has been using delaying tactics to make the capital cost of a new plant prohibitively high. This is just another verse of the same song.