Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Climate Fear

This time from a local gal. Naturally, she is prominently displayed in the MJS.

"The science gets more terrifying with every new report," she told committee members. "The climate cannot wait. Remember that a generation's future is on the line."

Seriously? I'm seeing more and more real science that makes (alleged) AGW look more and more like a hoax. The evidence continues to pile up. From ten years of zero net warming to Antarctic Cooling.

The IPCC report has been thoroughly debunked.

Al Gore refuses to give up his private jet and zillion-square-foot home (the same size as his carbon footprint). If (alleged) AGW were real, wouldn't you think an acolyte such as The Goracle would decide to lead by example? Nah....purchase "carbon credits". So money overcomes (alleged) AGW?

The religion of (alleged) AGW confuses me more than the religion of Atheism.

Jesse, either you've been suckered or you are intentionally part of the greatest hoax perpetrated on mankind.

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