Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Global Warming of Incompetence? too good.

The Global Warming Agenda is nothing more than another "Big Lie" by the Left. Since the data haven't shown any global warming in over 10 years now, it must be invented. At best, this is sloppy science, at worst, something much more sinister.

To believe in the Global Warming Myth, one must believe that 50 years of good, reliable global temperature data is adequate to explain 5-or-so billion years of climate. One must believe that a 0.38% increase in historical Carbon Dioxide levels is enough to change global temperature. Keep in mind that the focus of the Global Warming Agenda is carbon dioxide, but water vapor and methane are said to have have a much higher contributions to alleged global warming. One must believe that solar irradiance is less contributing to climate than human activity. One must suspend common sense and belief.

The current claim in the media is that the Arctic Ice Cap is at it's lowest point in recorded history. I am in no position to dispute the measurements, but I am in a position to look historically. Since the European discovery of the New World, explorers have been looking for a "Northwest Passage" through the Arctic. What could have tempted them to believe it was so if there was perennial ice throughout the Arctic. I suggest that they had evidence that it could be so. Greenland was named so because at one time it was farmable. Is it not reasonable that Arctic ice may have been at such an ebb in the 1300's that it became common belief that the Arctic was passable even 200 years later?

Look, don't believe me. Gather all the evidence you can, look at it wiht an open mind and an eye to historical fact. Then decide. I think you'll go with me.

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