Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Beer: Both are bottled and awaiting a few days before taste testing.

The Bicycle: Looks like a nice day tomorrow. In spite of the knee, I'm going to shoot for a morning ride before the Packer game.

Speaking of football, the coaching during the 4th quarter of the Badger game was so bad that Brett Bielema should be fired just based on that.

The VWRC: Is it not enough that we get 6 months of crappy winter weather? I got my license plate renewal today. $95. Are you kidding me? Last year it was $55.

I don't mind paying taxes as long as I see something for it. But here, the schools and roads are generally crappy (although I'm in an area with pretty good schools, overall Wisconsin schools suck), "services" are nearly non-existent and I can't figure out where the money goes. My renewal notice says to go the the DMV website for fee information. YOU go to the website and try to find where the money goes. I got nothin'. Unbelievable.

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