Monday, November 3, 2008

Moment of Truth

OK. Here we are. We have advanced to the precipice. What's it going to be?

I look at the two candidates and I don't really like either. But I also look at what is best for our country's security and place in the world, what is best for our economy and what is best for me, and I can only go to John McCain. I have looked at all Senator Obama stands for and cannot find one thing with which I can agree. Everything he brings to the table looks an awful lot like Marxism. People say to me, "He can't be that bad". Or, "There's no way he can institute that kind of policy". My response? It's a new paradigm. At no time has there been the potential for an overwhelming majority in both houses of Congress. Never before has there been a Congress as Leftist as this one. And never befpore has there been such a far Left, nay, Socialist, presidential candidate as Barak Obama. It can happen and if the predictions on the election come true, it will. And will will never be able to return.

I fear for the Republic.

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intermodal said...

In most elections, I lose respect for people who say things like this. In this election, I can only agree. What baffles me is how ignorant our nation has become if this man has a chance at being elected. Even if he fails, it says something far more damning to our country than any one thing he's said on the campaign trail.