Saturday, November 15, 2008

Budget Cuts?

This will never happen. Even if it does, if you read between the lines, it's the same old Doyle. All he's doing is shifting the tax burden to the local level or, in the end, the taxpayer. If he drops state school aid, local districts will have to pick up the slack. Increased taxes on oil companies and hospitals only increases costs to the consumer. "I don't want to increase taxes". But you know the governor will. It's what he does best. Increasing taxes in this economy is the worst possible choice. People are already avoiding spending. Take more of their money and they will hold tighter to what little is left. Business and industry is already fleeing Wisconsin's "tax hell". Milwaukee is in line to be the New Detroit. about finding some real cuts. When my employer goes through tough times, the hard decision is to let people go. But it's the decision that let's the remaining keep their jobs by keeping the business viable. Considering the insane pay and benefits for Wisconsin state employees, isn't it possible there are some who can be let go? I'm sure there's plenty more to cut if you want to look.

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