Friday, November 21, 2008

Where's the Leadership?

First, welcome to everyone stopping by from The response has been overwhelming. I'm such a neophyte that I didn't even know I'd been linked.

So, where's the leadership? Our Democrat friends so want to throw a bone to the United Auto Workers, but they are unwilling to take the chance of being blamed. A couple days ago, Senator Reid wanted President Bush to come up with a plan. Now he wants the automakers to come up with something? Really? If the automakers had a plan, don't you think they would have dealt with this already?

But there is a bigger issue here. The Democrats are in charge now. Soon, they will own three branches of government. Is this how they will lead? The Democrats blocked everything for the last eight years, made the term,"Bush's Fault" extend to the mutant cucumbers in my garden and successfully took over government using "The Big Lie". It's time to lead.

A little advice for the Democrats: Be careful what you wish for; we live in interesting times.

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