Saturday, November 8, 2008


The Beer: Honkers Ale. Outside of the Cubs and the Bears, Chicago is a great city and brews some great beers (not as great as Milwaukee brews, but great none-the-less).

The Bicycle: 36 degrees and snowing/raining and generally crappy. I'll till and plant garlic instead.

The VRWC: The Obama-Love continues. The media has admitted being in the tank for him. (H/T, Neo-Neocon) I don't think any of this will last. He'll fail to deliver on the important stuff while silencing opposing voices in the name of "fairness" and saving us from our guns and religion. Don't get me wrong here. The MSM will LOVE "fairness" and gun control, but they won't be happy that he can't be all things to all people.

All that said, let's not get nuts here. We are better than the unhinged Left and don't need to go that way. We need to oppose bad policy as it comes up and support good. There may be times when Direct Action is necessary. The Pelosi-Reid-Obama gang may attempt to marginalize the Right and run roughshod over us. If they do, it will be necessary to take to the streets. It will be necessary to get the "blue flu". We may have to decide that our rights and our voices are more important than making it to work on January 21, 2009. It may be necessary to become unhinged.

But not yet.

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