Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tim Cullen - Hypocritical Douchebag

Maybe you should have defied your union masters, Tim.

I believe I must do everything I can to fight for what I believe in yet always ensure that the institution of the state Senate remains strong and intact.
I found it impossible to honor both of these obligations during the past month.
I went to Illinois to slow down a bill that took away workers' rights. I make no apology for that action, as controversial as it was to the people I represent.

You slowed it down, Tim.  But even then you didn't come back.  You claim to protect "workers' rights", yet you disenfranchised every voter in the state.

I am hopeful that the bright shining light of public scrutiny and media scrutiny on the actions of the majority members will cause them to slow down legislative proceedings to a pace that gives citizens a reasonable opportunity to understand legislation and a reasonable opportunity to express their views.

Your colleagues were given over 60 hours to express their views and you union masters were given weeks to express theirs.  Yet, you still did not return.

Senator Cullen:  Your motives are strictly political.  You expect to regain the Senate and do not want this same thuggery pulled on you.  Write what you want.  Claim how "sorry" you are.

You are a sorry excuse for a legislator.

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