Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Thing To Make You Say "Wha?"

The Beer:  A mead was brewed last night and Liberty and Saison were brewed today.  One Left for tomorrow.

The Bicycle:  Some in the group want to ride tomorrow.  Weather permitting, I'll be one of them.

The VRWC:  That the author is faculty at Sarah Lawrence College is probably the best explanation for why he thinks this way.

It always seems to be, "it's just a little bit more".

Why an additional $100 to $200, which is the tax figure being discussed these days, would matter is hard to explain. Some residents may say they would prefer that teachers and other city employees pay more for their pensions, which have skyrocketed in the past few years.

Mills is talking about people who already pay $43,000 in property taxes annually (his info, not mine).  He also tells us that 40% of the residents of Bronxville make over $200,000 annually.  Let's just take the typical property owner making the aformentioned $200,000 per year.  That person pays an absurd 21.5% of their income in property taxes alone.

In an address to Congress, Roosevelt quoted industrialist Andrew Carnegie's observation: "Where wealth accrues honorably, the people are always silent partners." Roosevelt interpreted Carnegie's statement to mean that in a country like America, nobody got rich on his own. The wealthy prospered not only because of their own efforts, but because they were protected by the government and the legal system and could draw on an educated workforce.

This is true, but it is not license for government employees to use the private sector as their piggy bank. 

He goes on to use FDR's argument for "progressive taxation" of income to pay for WWII.  There is a significant difference here.  National defense is a federal Constitutional responsibility.  This is not about the Feds or about paying for a war.  This is about local issues where taxpayers are being bled dry by an unsustainable local and state bureaucracy.  

Roosevelt never tried to win over his diehard opponents. Instead, he reached beyond them, repeatedly making the case to the electorate that even if the issue were taxes, acting with "the warm courage of national unity" in mind meant more than just looking out for No. 1.

Roosevelt was trying to keep the world from falling into the hands of the Tokyo/Berlin Axis.  Arming Britain and later arming the Soviets and bringing the US into the war required sacrifice to save hundreds of millions of human beings.

How much is enough?  What tax rate is enough?  At what level is one considered "rich"?  Why shouldn't everyone pay something?  The Leftists like Mills can never answer those questions.  "It's only a little more".


Dad29 said...

There's a simple reason that the LeftOWackies use terms like "too much [income]" or "not enough [tax]":
they are un-falsifiable.

Deekaman said...

They do that a lot. (alleged) Global Wa....uh....Climate Climate....duh....something else are much the same.