Thursday, March 17, 2011

How I Know There Will Be Civil War

The thuggery and lawlessness of the Left has been well documented since the 1930's.  Back in those days, it was unions.  In the 60's it was unions and the anti-war movement.  Then came the anarchists and the eco-nazis.  Now, it's those who have ridden the gravy train.  Truly responsible Wisconsin government is attempting to rein in the cost of government by addressing the highest cost of government - labor.  The response has been enlightening.  Intimidation, violence threats, death threats, boycotts and recall.  This is only the beginning.  When Prosser is elected in April and Republicans maintain their seats in the recalls, the Left will only become more violent.  Next, government will begin to address entitlements.  This is when the takers begin their literal war on the producers.  They will gladly kill the goose that lays the proverbial golden egg before they allow these cuts.  You see, these are people to whom money comes so easily they have no respect for its' value nor for those who earn it.  Taking the wealth of another is merely a means to an end.  They do not realize there is a limit.

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