Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rambling Rant

You can see what generated this rambling rant at Jill's place.

They are not REALLY separate issues. First, there are few (evil) corporations out there able to take on the enormous task of rebuilding infrastructure in Iraq. Halliburton is one, Bechtel is another.

Who pays for transportation of Union members and assorted "volunteers" to protest in Madison? The involvement of Trumka and his AFL/CIO thugs as well as OFA are well documented and one only needed to stop at their websites to see proof. BTW, I paid for my own transportation and my own water, food, etc. at every event I have attended. So has everyone else I know. That doesn't mean there isn't Koch funding. I don't have a problem with it and frankly, have no problem with the union funding of protests. But let's be consistent here, eh?

I'm going to go miles off-topic here, but electrons cost next-to-nothing.

The point is that the Left is so obvious in their designation of "Bogieman of the Month". It's almost always an oil company and it is always someone who donates to Conservative causes. They are, by definition, evil. OTOH, GE, feeding at the public trough along with unions and the likes of bailed-out Wall-Streeters don't seem to get as much as a boo. Fannie and Freddie - corrupt as hell and really at the center of the housing debacle should have SCORES of Lefties out there screaming bloody murder, but instead, the bile is spewn at the likes of Koch. And where are the folks screaming,"NO BLOOD FOR OIL!" and busting up Starbucks storefronts and burning cars? Where are the calls for impeachment over an "illegal war" (actually, in y'all's eye, three of them). Since Obama became president, I no longer see "Give Peace a Chance" banners in front of homes. GITMO remains open and no one seems to be complaining. We've got one guy trying to get government spending under control and you guys bitch about Koch? Really?

To be a Leftist is to be a hypocrite on a very large scale. You can point to hypocrisy on the Right; I stipulate to that. But it takes a Lefty to fail to recognize the log in their own eye while crying about the mote in anothers.

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