Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Lefties...Again

As if we haven't seen this enough....

  • Jill apparently believes it's ok for senior citizen taxpayers to be (metaphorically, of course) gang-raped by public sector and teacher unions, but don't touch that Seniorcare.  I  wonder if she considered they may be better able to afford healthcare if they weren't taxed to death?
  • The attempts to bring government spending under control is met with cries of "extremism".  Harry Ried claims the TEA Party owns Congressional Republicans (we should be so lucky).  But for some reason, they think it's ok to be bought and paid for by unions, environmental extremists, anti-war extremists, anarchists, Socialists and CPUSA.
  • Bush was bad for going after Saddam in Iraq.  It was a "War for Oil".  The evil Bush-Cheney-Rove-Halliburton-Big Oil conspiracy.  An "Illegal War".  But Obama violates the War Powers Act and enters into combat with Libya and the Left is silent.
  • A Conservative judge overturning a law violating the 2nd Amendment is "an activist judge" to the Left, but a Leftist judge who makes s#it up like a right to an abortion?  Not so much.
  • TEA Party Activists are branded as racist with no evidence, but the nearly all white union protests in Madison get no such branding.
  • Union thuggery and extortion against small business in Wisconsin gets almost no play in the press.
I shouldn't be amazed.


Opto-Mom said...

I wonder if the union folks in Wisconsin are going to feel silly after all of their drama about losing their jobs and losing their health care and "OMG, there are going to be 40 students per teacher" and "the police are all going to die because they can't bargain for more bulletproof vests." Even though police were exempt from this new law, it didn't stop them from using it to dramatize the whole thing. I just wonder if they're going to feel silly when none of these things come true?

Deekaman said...

They won't. This is about money and power. The drama was not because they believe it, but because they want the PUBLIC to believe it. I fear the public may and we will get Kloppenburg on the SCOWI. If the Supremes go over to the Left, we undo everything we did here in November.