Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Body Slam

The Beer:  Time for Summertime Brews.  A Lawnmower de Saison and a fresh batch of Liberty to be brewed this weekend.  Along those same lines, my local Pick & Save just opened a MetroMarket.  Super-awesome and they have a "mix and match" six-pack.  I picked six beers I had not tried.  So far, all delish.

The Bicycle:  I cleaned and tuned the Madone this weekend.  Successful with only minor (I think) injuries.  30 minute test ride today.  Planning for an hour tomorrow.

The VWRC:  H/T: Hot Air Via Dad29.

Having been bullied as a kid, I appreciate this more than I can tell you.  Contrary to what the MSM and Liberals want to tell you, the best thing to do to a bully is to bloody his nose.

The school involved, Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus at St Marys North, has suspended both students and called police after footage of the fight, which took place on school grounds about 10.30am yesterday, was aired on a television station…

It is understood the Year 10 student is a victim of repeated bullying at Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus, a middle school in a disadvantaged part of western Sydney.But police and bullying experts are concerned by the video’s publication on Facebook and the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the older boy’s retaliation against his attacker.

“We don’t believe that violence is ever the answer,” Mr Dalgleish says.

This kid was within his God-given rights to defend himself.  He did no more than was necessary to  stop the bully. For good.  

No, Mr. Dalgleish.  Violence must be the answer sometimes.  How many times has the bully been "counselled"?  How'd that work out for you.  Suspending the victim is wrong on every point.

Several years ago, my son was similarly bullied and responded in a similar manner.  Yes, he was suspended, but at least, as his mother and I were leaving the principal's office, she turned to us and said, "but the little bastard had it coming".

The school's response is what has become wrong with Western Civilization.  We have become so PC and so cowardly and so sissified, we will no longer confront the bullies.  Whether the kid on the playground or nuclear-armed Iran, we are voting "present....please don't hurt me".

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Big Fat Gini said...

That kid got exactly what he deserved. Period.