Monday, March 21, 2011

Oscar Shows His Stripes

This is some very tortured logic and amazing cognitive dissonance.

What the Republican majority perpetrated in Madison was a flimflam, tantamount to malfeasance. What the absconding Senate Democrats did was their job - yes, by not doing it.
What the Republicans did - in both the Senate and the Assembly - was to subvert democracy, even if every court before which legal challenges come rule otherwise.

If what Oscar says is true (it's not), why wasn't he screaming for the heads of Democrats as they gutted the Patient Reimbursement Fund?  How about midnight budget deals to (once again) screw the taxpayer?

But what Republicans did far outweigh this sin of disrupted process. They insisted that a bill was a fiscal issue requiring a quorum of senators; stripped out some appropriations, leaving in items totaling millions; and then said it didn't require a quorum, something they could have done all along. And when the Democratic senators finally returned, leadership initially attempted to prevent them from voting because they were "in contempt."

How is this different from  "politics as usual"? This stuff happens all the time.  I don't particularly like it, but this is not some kind of sin which has never happened before.

And there is nothing good about a government that goes to court to deny access to a building where the democratic process is practiced.

The intimidation used by the Left is plenty to call for closing of the Capitol.  The thuggish bullying and death threats (which Oscar is unwilling to address) is well documented and there is reason to believe protest may well have spilled over into violence.

Recalls are planned for 16 senators, eight Republicans and eight Democrats. I'm not making a case here for how any of these should turn out. I'll leave it to you to discern how much, if at all, your targeted senator is culpable. I'm arguing that there is enough smoke here to yell the political equivalent of fire and then to call out the bucket brigade - recall.

So the exercise of representative democracy in the face of threats of violence and death is cause for recall?  

Oscar is hypocritical here in defending the Democrats and calling out the Republicans.  Had the Democrats stayed and voted, exercising the courage of their convictions and making their arguments, none of this would have come up. Oscar has also never called out a Democrat for bad behavior.  He never called out Doyle, he never called out Obama and  the administration.

There is no reason for recall of Republicans.  "Elections have consequences"; "we  won".  Democrats running from their obligations is another reason entirely.

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