Saturday, March 5, 2011

Michael Moore In Madison, Capitol Begins to Sink

The guy is one of the "evil rich".  Do these protesters not see that? He arrives in limo, not a beat up truck.  He has no interest in you and your cause.  Like Soros, he is in it to enrich himself.

He says the protesters have ,"galvanized the nation against the wealthy elite and comparing their fight to Egypt's revolt. He also thanked the 14 state Democratic senators who fled Wisconsin to block a vote on the bill, saying they'll go down in history books.  

Yeah, they'll go down in the history books alright.  For dereliction of duty.  This is nothing like Egypt, you coward bastard.  Those people are dying in the streets.  You are a bunch of children having a tantrum.

Renee Peplinski, a fifth-grade teacher in Wisconsin Rapids, said she doesn't mind making financial concessions to help the state even though it would hurt her family. She's more concerned about losing her collective bargaining rights. Without union protections, teachers would be at the mercy of administrators who could decide to fire them for any perceived slight, she said.

Apparently she is unaware of the Wisconsin Civil Service Protections that have been in place for over 100 years.  And, gosh...I see people fired every day for even the smallest, I don't.  Her complaints are unfounded and for the MSM to print it without comment is the usual stuff.  And she's teaching the children?

"I ask the governor, 'Do your job. Come to the table and speak to Wisconsin workers,'" Taylor said. "We agree that fiscally we need to do things differently. We even agree that there are some places where we need to talk about how we negotiate. ... However we refuse to accept in America that we don't believe that a voice at the table is an option. It is not an option of a leader and it surely is not the Wisconsin way."

Lena, you slowed the bill.  Now get your worthless ass back to the capitol to do the job your are paid for.  "Elections have consequences".  "We won."  Does this sound familiar, Lena?  I didn't hear your righteous indignation when the Democrats held all the power.  Where was it then, you hypocrite.

My head is  going to explode over this.


Dad29 said...

I was at an interscholastic HS competition yesterday during which a Whitefish Bay HS teacher wore his "Solidarity" button.

Two notes: 1) that was a graceless and almost-offensive thing to do, b/c it took him (an official of the competition) out of the "neutral zone." and 2) he musta felt a little lonesome. There were probably 50 OTHER teachers there, NONE of which were wearing the button. (Common sense prevails! Yay!!!)

Deekaman said...

Judging from thing like newspaper comments, I have reason to doubt the pools that say Walker is losing. That said, it is anecdotal, but the longer the Cowardly Dems stay in Illinois, the harder it becomes to defend their case (not that it was ever easy to defend).