Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wrong on Nuclear

Jim Draeger and Peace Action Wisconsin are just flat wrong on nuclear power. He continues to repeat the mantra that nuclear is "dangerous". It's not. Nuclear has, without question the best safety record of any industry. He is happy to throw out the "cost of nuclear" card without bothering to tell us that incessant and frivolous lawsuits by groups like Peace Action Wisconsin are the cause of high construction costs for nuclear plants. Many were delayed to over 20 years by these lawsuits. As I recall, the first nuclear plants required but 5-or-so years to build and bring to operation.

The Yucca Mountain repository was cancelled for political reasons, not technological. Further, as I claim here, the Administration plans to throw a bone to the anti-nuclear Leftys by a de facto prohibition on nuclear fuel reprocessing. Again, no technical basis. Pure politics.

Draeger fails to be specific about what is dangerous about nuclear power. Reason? He doesn't know. I venture he has no clue about the technology, the safety features and "inherent stability". He would rather shill for the wind and solar technolgies that will never work and can never work.

Hey Jim: you should have studied in physics class.

I hate supplying a link to PAW. Now I have to disinfect my computer.


Ordinary Jill said...

And how much nuclear fuel re-processing was done during the Bush years? None? Don't blame the anti-nuke lefties; blame the oil lobby.

Deekaman said...

Having been in the business for many years, I can assure you the oil lobby has nothing to do with it. In fact, many oil companies (Exxon being one) are also nuclear fuel suppliers. This is all about Big Environmental. Look at any intervention in the nuclear plant licensing process and you will find Big Environmental. Unless, of course, Big Oil is funding Big Environmental. How stupid would that be?

Deekaman said...

And besides, Jill...who wrote the article? Oh...a shill for Big Environmental. Come on. Exercise a little common sense here.