Friday, July 3, 2009

What? No concern for habitat here? I've drawn my own conclusions. You draw yours.

Salazar said the bureau was already considering environmental reviews for two projects in Nevada. The NextLight Silver State South would have a solar array producing 267 megawatts, and NextLight Silver State North would produce about 140 megawatts.

Salazar said the two plants combined would produce more electricity than a "mid-sized" coal-fired plant that can produce 350 megawatts.

Here's a math problem for you: If the sun shines on the Earth at (about) 1 kw per square foot at noon at the equator at the equinox on a perfectly clear day, how much habitat is necessary to produce 350 megawatts (average over 24 hours) of solar energy, assuming a 15% conversion rate and the reduced solar energy at 35 degrees north latitude (the location of the Mojave Desert). You may also assume summer solstice.

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Dad29 said...

Ummmnnnhhhh, .....scritch-scratch-scritch.....


What's done in LasVegas will never be done again b/c it will be paved over with mirrors!