Friday, July 3, 2009

Can The Tide Be Turned?

I'm seeing more articles like this, this and this in the MSM. Now that the reality of Cap and Tax is upon us, people are beginning to see the (alleged) AGW dogma for what it is.

I have long commented on the propaganda of (alleged) AGW. The lack of scientific debate and the silencing of dissent has always been a red flag to me. It doesn't pass the smell test. The essence of the scientific method is to develop a theory, then try to disprove it. (Alleged) AGW has always been the opposite. "The science is settled". No, it's not. And in the end, the US may be the only country to continue to drink the (alleged) AGW Kool-Aid. India and China have already clearly stated they will not be playing.

Interesting that Heidi Cullen is gone from The Weather Channel, as is the whole "green" thing (maybe I just missed it, but I watch A LOT of TWC).

I'm a big fan of "doing the right thing", of being a good steward, of having clean air and water. I have my own vegetable garden. I'd like the ground to be untainted and fertile. But I also want my children to grow up free and prosperous. I still believe in American Exceptionalism and rather than the United States being the worst, as some would have us believe, I believe it to be the best. I don't want to live in, "just another country".

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