Saturday, July 18, 2009

Deekawife 3.0 on Cronkite

I had the pleasure of meeting Walter Cronkite in the summer of 1997. I was sitting in the bar of the Plaza Hotel in N.Y. He was walking to the bar area and stopped to ask me if I had been shopping since I had put my bags on the floor. I told him I had. He asked me what I was drinking. I told him it was a martini. He said it looked good. He sat at the table next to me with a business woman he came in the bar with. She never said a word and actually appeared bored. The waitress came over with a martini glass filled with lobster salad. When Walter Cronkite got up to leave he stopped again to ask me how the salad was. I told him the lobster salad was delicious and I would highly recommend it. I said "Mr. Cronkite, I used to watch you on the news and never in my lifetime did I think I would get the opportunity to meet an icon." He smiled and asked my name. I extended my hand and told him my name. He asked where I was from and I told him Wisconsin. He then said, "I hope people in N.Y. are as gracious to you as you have been to me."

I wish more in today's media were like him. It is a sad statement that they are (mostly) not.

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I dont know if this will post or not, but this is a great article about how the press will act like they wish to emulate him, but never take a step towards acting like him: