Monday, July 6, 2009

Stand With the Honduran Constitution

Not with Chavez, Castro and Ortega.

The comments at this article are worse than concerning
. Particularly those that indicate the ouster of Zelaya is a CIA or Right-Wing plot. Those who believe the Honduran action to be a coup d'etat do not know the facts or have chosen to ignore them.

Everything I read indicates this action was not only legal and Constitutional, but necessary (your Spanish will have to be good to read links from this page). Of course, I'm not including reading from the OSM (Obama-Stream Media).

I fully expect Honduras to be invaded by Nicaragua, Cuba and/or Venezuela at any time. The "Last Best Hope for Mankind" will do nothing. I fear President Obama wants so much to be liked by our enemies that he will sacrifice Honduran Democracy.

Mr. President: Stand with the Honduran Constitution, not with Ortega, Castro and Chavez.

Update: From Gateway Pundit. (Should have read first, written second.)

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