Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swine Flu Redux

The Beer: Cherry Wheat. Due to hit the carboy later today and be bottled sometime in the next week.

The Bicycle: I may be headed for Injured Reserve. I've been struggling with medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow - and I haven't golfed for quite some time) all season and finally stopped riding to try and clear it up. Two weeks hasn't helped. We'll see. Knees are a problem, too. There's always next season.

The VRWC: Swine Flu. We continue to get hammered with this story. But how many times are we going to be told such a thing is going to happen, only to have it not? I get the concern. But it's so easy to turn it off when we heard how AIDS was going to explode in the hetero community, then it was SARS, then Bird Flu. We were all going to die. Now we hear the same thing about Swine Flu. I suspect we are so skeptical that if it really happens, we're in real trouble. But will it?

Now throw in a dose of this. Who knows what to believe. Knowing that much of the American Left comes from the "We need to reduce the population" school, why wouldn't this be reasonable. OTOH, at what point has any bureaucracy been able to keep a secret?

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Ordinary Jill said...

I seriously doubt the swine flu virus was engineered for bio-terrorism. It would be deadlier if that were the case. The vast majority of cases are no worse than seasonal flu, and most require no hospitalization. However, there is no doubt that this virus is more dangerous to humans than bird flu; it spreads far more easily, and it has already killed more people in several months than bird flu has over several years. It also has spread more widely than SARS ever did, which surprises me.