Friday, July 24, 2009

Cincinnatus on Healthcare

I stopped by Cincinnatus this morning and responded to a post with this:

While Andrea makes the occasional good point in her post, the high cost of healthcare is less due to the hands-off philosophy than the regulatory environment, the propensity of Americans to use tort to sooth their hurt feelings and our desire to get a pill for whatever ails us. We are, at least in some regards a nation of hypochondriacs, unwilling to deal with minor illnesses, aches and pains. Further, how many of us have a “dog in the fight”? We never see the real cost of our own healthcare. Obamacare never addresses any of those issues. Since, IMHO those are the underlying problems with cost, the only other way to control them is through artificially rationing care. Unless the underlying causes of high healthcare costs are addressed (and there is no political will to do so), Obamacare will be a disaster.

Stop by his blog and see the whole article.

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