Sunday, July 19, 2009

Give Me Healthcare.......

and make someone else pay for it. This Gallup survey is really discouraging. That 56% of Americans polled even think the government should intervene in the healthcare system is a bad sign. An even worse sign is here:

When asked about six proposals being considered as possible ways to pay for the plan, Americans are most likely to favor a fine on employers who do not offer health insurance to their employees, and increasing income taxes on upper-income Americans.

The public shows more support than opposition for a new tax on soft drinks high in sugar, and reductions in the income-tax deductions upper-income Americans can take for home mortgages and charitable contributions.

At what point will we recognize that 1) the money made by the "rich" is their property, not ours, and 2) the "rich" do not have unlimited resources. What gives the populace the right to take anothers' property? At what point will the mob come for yours?

The poll finds that Americans think it is very important to have a wide choice of doctors, treatment options, and health plans, but also want to keep insurance affordable and guarantee access to it regardless of job or medical status. They favor many of the proposals being offered to help pay for reform, but not necessarily by very large majorities.

I think we can now say the public has lost their collective minds.

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