Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's People

This is where it starts. H/T Oppo.

That this is even being discussed brings fond memories of Soylent Green.

Be very afraid. Especially if you are over 50.


Ordinary Jill said...

This is nothing new. Remember the "zero population growth" advocates back in the 1970s (when Soylent Green was made)? Nothing came of that in the West, because we value personal choice too much. I don't believe that has changed.

Anyway, China has demonstrated that totalitarian government-enforced population controls are more likely to target the birth rate than the elderly (who serve as "police grandmothers" to snitch on women who get pregnant without permission).

Deekaman said...

There is much about government that has been discredited that this administration is perfectly willing to embrace. What's one more?

JFTR, we seem to disagree on uch, but I got "nuttin' but love" for ya.