Sunday, January 25, 2009

Terrorist Rights?

Can you say, "oxymoron"? I don't recall anything reading any of the Founding Fathers' works referring to "Rights of Terrorists". Rights of Man are clearly delineated by Thomas Paine, but people who intentionally kill innocents to further their cause don't fall in that category. They are inhuman monsters.


Ordinary Jill said...

We can't always know they are terrorists without some kind of due process. Few of them have been caught with a smoking gun. Our government has arrested a number of people over the past several years based on similar-sounding names or false testimony from local informants. They claim that most of those people have been released, and only "the worst of the worst" are left at Gitmo, but how can we know that?

The FBI was confident that Steven Hatfill was the one who sent the anthrax, until they suddenly admitted they had the wrong man and had to pay Hatfill a multi-million-dollar settlement for ruining his life and career. We can't trust the executive branch to decide who is guilty. That is what the courts are for.

Deekaman said...

I'm not confident in the courts, either.

People picked up on the battlefield are different from those who are US citizens.

How can we know that some of the "worst-of-the-worst" won't be released. We do it all the time with common criminals.