Friday, January 23, 2009

McGovern Speaks

Let George do it. Apparently, McGovern doesn't oppose all wars, just those after WWII.

How about a five-year time-out on war -- unless, of course, there is a genuine threat to the nation? How is a direct attack on U.S. soil and the threat of more not a genuine threat?

George seems to think that school lunch and faith-based programs, including Christian and Jewish will work in Afghanistan. Under the watchful eye of the United Nations. I'm wondering if he's been following what is happening to Christians and Jews in Islamic society? I'm also wondering if he's been following stories of UN Peacekeepers and their inability to stop atrocities in Africa.

A total cost of $3 Trillion for Iraq? Chump change compared to Obama's Big Government Stimulus and Pork Program.

George, your spots haven't changed. You're still idealistic and wrong. There is a place for all the things you see. It isn't now.


Dad29 said...

Part of The Project is to convince us that man's 'moral sensibility and action' advances continuously.

It's the evolution-thing transferred from scientific POSSIBILITY to social CERTAINTY.

All you have to do to believe that stuff is smoke enough dope...

The Mama said...

Well Dad29, you're in luck!

I guess maybe if I had some of that, I'd be on the Obama Party Train too...