Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Lamest Generation

This got me thinking.

I've been struggling with why, with all measures of the environment vastly improved since I was a child, with a booming economy (until recently), relative world peace (that is, we aren't in WWIII, nor are we at risk of mass nuclear annihilation), why is there so much hysteria over many of these thing? This article may help explain.

Baby Boomers (i.e., Yuppies) are the most pampered and spoiled generation since Rome, I suppose. We have accomplished exactly nothing. We have contributed exactly nothing. We have no "real" challenges and any that we have (like the current economy) will be quickly forgotten in our frenzy of selfishness and gluttony.

Hence the hysteria over everything from peanuts to global warming. Baby Boomers are looking for a legacy. Looking for something that actually makes the world better. In our mass hysteria, we actually believe we are accomplishing something.

What a pitiful legacy.

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