Sunday, September 20, 2009

Milwaukee TEA Party III

Here is what they are saying about us on the other side. It is disappointing that she was (allegedly) in the crowd and (apparently) felt safe being there, but still insisted on name-calling and being less-than-truthful about those attending.


Dad29 said...

Go here:

Deekaman said...

Thanks,Dad. I was headed that way.

Dad29 said...

From Crawford's comments:

What I disagree with is the violent language, the embracing of racism, the call to create a revolution or people's that I heard in McKenna's speech

I have NO idea what she's talking about. "Embracing racism?" Good God.

I'm happy to "create a revolution." Non-violently.

It's likely that Ms Crawford's only understanding of "revolution" comes from the 'revolutions' of people from the Left--the bloody ones of 1789 France, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, the Weathermen, etc.......

But if she's referring to the American Revolution, then I suppose we could compare the principles involved.

Think Ms Crawford is ready for that?

Phelony Jones said...

It breaks my heart that people can't see the spirit of the founding of our nation. And despite all of the facts in front of her and people she could SPEAK with all around her, her "take" was what she wanted it to be.

Deekaman said...

Lotta hate out there for us. Whew. Been hated before, guess it's ok now.