Monday, September 7, 2009

Sheboygan TEA Party, Part II

I said I would comment more on the Sheboygan TEA Party and now I'm a day late.

Local talk guy Jerry Bader spoke and was protested against by UAW Local 833. I understand his comments regarding the Mercury Marine union were not taken well, but I also think the Local overreacted. I work directly with the union and I find them to be generally reasonable and smart enough to know their job can leave for India or China tomorrow. Most of them I genuinely like.

Pastor David King was an awesome speaker. His biggest message was when we take God out of the equation, everything goes awry. He emphasized the importance of both God and morality. Pastor King pointed out that even though not all the founders were Christian, the country was founded on Christian principles. He said our arguments should be based on principles, not politics. As long as a politician adheres to our principles, it does not matter what the Party is.

Dr. Phil Zimmerman from spoke on Healthcare and the consequences of a Socialized healthcare system. He's read HR 3200. is a secessionist group that I have some fundamental disagreements with, but he spoke well and from the heart and I agreed with much of what he had to say. In addition to healthcare, he spoke about the need to end the wars and bring our troops home. Not only from Iraq and Afghanistan, but from all over the world. Mostly, I agree. However, we have an obligation to finish what is started.

I can't say enough about Bob Basso, AKA "Thomas Paine".

There are four other videos of him covering the entire speech. The video quality is not what I would like to see, but the message comes through loud and clear.

Rebecca Kleefisch, Mark Block, and Linda Hansen all acquitted themselves well.

Edit: 1835 9/7/09: More videos have surfaced on You tube, including Pastor King and Jerry Bader.

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