Thursday, September 3, 2009

EJ is Wrong Again

The Beer: An Octoberfest Lager. Bottled and nearly ready for a test. I haven't had much success with Octoberfest or Lagers in general, but I keep trying.

The Bicycle: I have decided to get back on and try to finish the season. But it's already plenty cool here and getting cooler. I probably have a month-or-so of good post-work daylight and about that much reasonably warm.

The VRWC: EJ Dionne is wrong again. But that shouldn't come as a surprise. He is so inside-the-beltway he is unable to see what is going on anywhere else. He's so afflicted with the Obamalove that he can't believe not everyone else is. He is so Statist he can't understand why we wouldn't want the government to lift all our cares from us. He's a mouthpiece for Statism.

Shouters and screamers, he calls us. What did he call anti-war protestors and those who shouted down Bush/Cheney/Rove, etc? I'm guessing they were Patriots, exercising their First Amendment Rights.

He is happy to use the term fringe, when we clearly are not. Most of us are people who went about our business while being bullied into silence by the Leftists. They called us Racist, Sexist and Homophobe if we disagreed. For the sin of skepticism, we are deniers. Many I know who attend TEA Parties and Town Hall meetings have never been active before. In fact, I believe it is most.

Chet Edwards, (alleged) Blue-Dog is likely to be unelected. His (and the Leftisits in general) use of the General Welfare clause to justify Socialized Medicine is a complete misunderstanding of what the founders intended.

But he got this right:

When I reached Rep. Tom Perriello last week, he divided the crowds at the 17 town halls he had held to that point in his largely rural Virginia district into three groups: conservatives, for whom the health care battle is "about big government, socialism and all that"; the left, for whom "it's about corporate accountability"; and a "middle" for whom "it's about health care costs" and the problems with their coverage.

Nobody...and I mean nobody thinks there is nothing wrong with the healthcare system. But a big government solution just adds to the problem. It fails to address any cause of high costs. No tort reform. No interstate competition. No requirement for providers to be up-front about charges. Just more of the same system that brings us a bankrupt Social Security, bankrupt Medicare, out-of-control Medicaid and childrens health programs.

I could have written a better and more transparent bill....and I'm "just a guy".

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Dad29 said...

I could have written a better and more transparent bill....and I'm "just a guy".

IIRC, the point of having citizen-legislators was precisely that.

We fought one war over Divine Right for The Elite. We can do it again.