Monday, September 7, 2009

Wille Says,"Lighten Up"

Willie Brown thinks we're being too hard on TCO.

Everybody is unloading on Barack Obama, especially the Fox News-Rush Limbaugh types who constantly repeat that he's sliding in the polls. I get hit with it every time I appear on one of the cable shows. You would think nothing else is going on in the world.

The media seem to have forgotten that nearly 60 million people voted against Obama in November. Of course they're going to show up at these town halls and bash him.

I've met people who voted for TCO and are just as hacked off about all this as I am. And has been discussed here and elsewhere, this isn't about just TCO. The TEA Parties and Town Halls are about Big Government, Big Taxes and Big Regulation.

Then he went around the country laying out the broad parameters of what a health care plan should contain without getting specific.

His problem here is his past statements, particularly regarding single payer. He should have laid his own cards on the table and defended his own ideas. That's what the President does.

Read the whole first section of the column, but specifically, read the comments. Very interesting, coming from San Francisco.

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