Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Laments

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (now smaller for your convenience).

"I think this is the worst economy that any of us have seen in our lifetime," said Richard Abelson, executive director of District Council 48 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. "It's impacted working people dramatically."

Yeah, and those who don't work too. I know we management types just get paychecks for showing up.

This is the worst economy in my 53 years and it is not going to get significantly better. "Buy American" is not going to fix the problem. We don't make much here anymore.

But Union members still vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat candidate. I believe they vote against their own interest. Democrats have been continually behind the root causes of the demise of manufacturing in the United States: high taxes and over-regulation. Wisconsin is one of the worst. High tax rates cause business to park assets (and jobs) overseas, in spite of what the headline says. Taxes drive behavior. While I support reasonable regulation, too much is "special interest driven". For example, much current energy policy is nothing more than Nimby. The Cap and Trade/Carbon Tax idea is something that has been around much longer than (alleged) AGW. I believe (alleged) AGW is just a smokescreen to punish "evil" Big Oil. But I digress.

Bottom line here is putting people back to work in manufacturing in this country is what is necessary to bring back prosperity. Otherwise we're just passing "funny money" back and forth. to do so means to take a common sense look at tax policy and what behaviors if drives and a common sense look at regulation to determine how it drives manufacturing from this country.

I don't expect to see much common sense from government.

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