Saturday, February 28, 2009

Iraq Drawdown

The Beer: I'll be brewing a Liberty Ale today. The Pale awaits transfer and "fining". In homebrewing, fining is the process of using (unflavored) gelatin to remove very fine particles, further clarifying the beer.

The Bicycle: Tomorrow begins March. The Madone is ready, as is the rider, for the first day above 40 degrees.

The VRWC: If Darth Pelosi and Lynn Woolsey and Dennis Kucinich don't like it, it is probably a good plan. Democrats remain invested in defeat. President Obama is smart enough to realize that if Iraq becomes a bloodbath like Southeast Asia after Vietnam, he will have a bigger problem. Further, I suspect he was advised that 50,000 troops would be a sufficient force to deter Iranian ambitions in the region.

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