Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ethanol's Demise?

The Beer: The Pale Ale is still in the fermenter. Very slow when it's cold. Ordered ingredients for Liberty Ale today.

The Bicycle: Deekawife v3.0's hybrid is clean and ready. 6-8" of snow and 20 degrees postpones its debut.

The VRWC: I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing.

Ethanol from corn is a bad idea as I've indicated any number of times here. Even those who advocate for corn based ethanol recognize it's little better than a wash for energy. The same article indicates it is worse for fuel consumption than gasoline. Here is another take. In addition, at what point did we decide it was a good idea to put our food supply in our gasoline tanks? Starve ourselves and the rest of the world to punish the evil Oil Companies? Let's cut off our noses at the same time.

I realize that corn-based ethanol is probably here to stay, wrong-headed though it may be. And Karma will get me if I take joy in the woes of another. But suffice it to say, if the economics don't work, let it die.


Dave said...

Have no fear the Spendocrats will bail out this bunch as well.

Dad29 said...

Actually, it's not "starve ourselves,"--yet.

But if you want to know why so many foreign countries despise the USA, that "starve the foreigners" part should be a hint.