Monday, February 2, 2009

The Goracle

The Beer: I have 8 cases of empty 12 oz bottles and about 4 cases of pint bottles, but that's not what we're talking about today. Today, it's Limoncello. This stuff runs about $10-$16 per liter at your local liquor store. I made four fifths for the cost of a bottle of vodka, 10 lemons, 4 cups of sugar and 4 cups of water. A total of about $12. Assuming I use a reasonably good vodka.

Have fun with that.

The Bicycle: 45 minutes of trainer time today. Bleh.

The VRWC: He'll stop at nothing.

Clearly no lie is too big to tell, no exaggeration is too big. To make comparisons to Earth and Venus is no comparison at all.

...the Venusian atmosphere’s CO2 level is more than 2,557 times greater than the Earth’s. And since the CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing by only about 2 parts per million annually, our planet is hardly being Venus-ized.

Further: Gore’s incorporation of Mercury in his argument is equally specious because Mercury doesn’t really have any greenhouse gases in its atmosphere that would capture the radiation it gets from the Sun. As a result, the daily temperature on Mercury varies from about 840 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to about -275 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Mercury’s daily temperature swing actually belies Gore’s unqualified demonization of greenhouse gases, whose heat trapping characteristics tend to stabilize climate and prevent wild temperature fluctuations.

So much has been debunked, but we continue down a dangerous road of onerous regulation and Draconian governmental edicts on 50 years of (quite possibly bad) climate data. This is just bad policy. The Precautionary Principle run amok (as if it didn't already).


The Mama said...

Meanwhile, back the ranch...

Britain just got the worst snow storm they've seen in almost 20 years.

Cindy Kilkenny said...

Limoncello. Excellent idea! It will be summer again someday, right?