Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dionne and Dowd

Some unusual honesty and candor from Maureen Dowd.

EJ Dionne could take a lesson.

While Dionne is happy to cast aspersions on Republicans for the near-collapse of the "stimulus" bill in the Senate, Dowd is more pragmatic. Republicans (and Democrats) are hearing from constituents. If they weren't, this would be a done deal. Support for this package is ridiculously low from both the Red and the Blue. OK, less support from Republicans and Independents. Dowd seems to recognize this, Dionne doesn't.

The bill is so laden with pork, I don't know how anyone can support it. The fact that "only" 64% of Democrats support the plan (but only 16% oppose? What happened to the rest?) is an indicator. The Left is still in Obama-Love, so any opposition at all is striking.

Start over. Screaming, "catastrophe" doesn't make it so and rings hollow. So much wolf-crying. If we're going to have a stimulus, let's do it right and not saddle generations with unpayable debt.

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