Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are Joking Here, Right?

A hydroelectric facility at Estabrook?

Has anyone looked into the credentials of Titus Energy? I'm seeing a pretty web page with one person listed as their "Team". A check of his LinkedIn page shows no energy experience at all.

5+ years consulting may be something, but I'm not seeing anything that indicates the company has done any work in hydro.

From a technological standpoint, this one doesn't smell so good. The Milwaukee River is very "flat". A hydroelectric facility relies on falling water. I have't done the "mgh" calculations, but I'm pretty sure it will require a greater elevation head than is available at Estabrook.

Bad idea...really bad.


Dad29 said...

The "Titus Group" information is poorly written, too; grammar and syntax, unclear in general.

Dave A said...

Hey It's all in the name of "Green Jobs". You know that's the answer to unemployment. jk ;p~

Deekaman said...

I'd just like to see this project properly vetted. Not much chance of that.