Saturday, February 20, 2010

The TNR Echo Chamber

The Beer: Both IPA's are in the secondary. Another week or two to bottling.

The Bicycle: It must be age catching up with me. I've done something to my left knee. I don't like it.

The VRWC: Our friends at The New Republic and those who comment there are alone, I think, at the bottom of a coffee can. They seem to believe that, by taking more money from consumers, we can move out of this recession and debt problem. They take shots at Americans for Tax Reform and The Wall Street Journal.

But this is the really interesting part:

And that’s the issue: Will the Republican party remain beholden to the forces that Grover Norquist and The Wall Street Journal represent?

Stop with the inference to some kind of conspiracy here. The Republicans have been off the Reagan Conservative Reservation for many years. We The People have finally had enough. Enough of the government taking from the productive to give to the unproductive. Enough of being told that, while we Conservatives give voluntarily until it hurts, we're greedy because we don't want to feed that beast which is the Federal bureaucracy. We are tired of being told to "evolve"; that what we believe is simply outdated and bad. It's not. We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.

But that there are only ten comments on an article that has been posted for 6 hours tells me not that many people read TNR. Maybe not more than read this blog.


Dad29 said...


If we want INTELLIGENT commentary, then we read this blog.

TNR was, at one time, intelligent commentary.

That was in the 1950's.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Good post! I actually do still read TNR, but I rarely comment. This is a function of Google Reader, I think, I read there, and I MEAN to comment, but I don't get to it because there're so many other great posts to read.