Saturday, February 13, 2010

Submarine Races?

The Beer: Punk IPA Clone is in the secondary. Waiting for Sweetgrass to finish in the Primary.

The Bicycle: Dang it's cold. I actually got up on the elliptical this morning for 30 minutes. Brutal. But better than going into the season "cold".

The VRWC: This is not new. It's been on The History Channel and the National Geographic Channel. Before that, I read about it in "Proceedings", I believe. Seems to me there was scuttlebutt about this project even when I was in the US Navy Submarine Service.


Dad29 said...

It's called "The Hunt for the Red October". Damn good book, better-than-average movie version.

Deekaman said...

Great book (the accuracy could put a submarine vet like me in jail if I released those details), Good movie (a couple things were less than believable, but accurate and true-to-the-book overall).