Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alleged AGW and Denial

H/T: Dad29

The Beer: Brewdog's Punk IPA Clone has been fermenting since Sunday. Since I'm staying home today (40 miles one-way in a snowstorm to get to work doesn't really sound like a great idea), I'll brew the Sweetgrass IPA clone I didn't brew Sunday.

The Bicycle: Univega is up on the trainer. What's MY problem?

The VRWC: Who are the deniers now?

Do we really need an new federal agency? Hasn't NOAA already been performing "climate research"? Why is duplication the necessary? In addition, what about all these:

All this points to fraud of the highest order; people who should be arrested, convicted and jailed for the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the human race.

But the Obama Administration, instead allows the formation of a new government bureaucracy.

Torches and Pitchforks. Torches and Pitchforks.

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