Sunday, February 21, 2010

Race-Based Mascots

The Beer: The Punk IPA Clone is bottled and put up. At least a couple weeks before it's ready to drink.

The Bicycle: I saw a video of a Levi Leipheimer descent down a winding NoCal backroad. Amazingly fast. In complete control. The man is crazy.

The VRWC: Is this really something the legislature should be doing? Even without the critical issues of the day, the government as final arbiter just doesn't set well with me on this. The Leftists are all in favor, I'm certain, but I have to ask them: If the worm turns and the legislature and Governors mansion become the province of the "extreme" Right, are you ok with them arbitrating this stuff?

I'm not. I suppose it's better than the Feds, but still....

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