Sunday, February 21, 2010

They Continue To Think We Are Stupid

OK, Jeffrey Sachs. You are an economist. Apparently you are well educated and you still can't figure out for yourself that this whole (alleged) AGW thing is a fraud? That's pretty sad. But even more sad is how you characterize those of us who, from the beginning questioned the theory. Yes, Jeffrey: THEORY. Remember: When the Left questions, it's "Patriotic". Not so for us knuckle-dragging Right Wing Zealots.

He got this part right:

...critics who contend that climate scientists have deliberately suppressed evidence — and that the science itself is severely flawed. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global group of experts charged with assessing the state of climate science, has been accused of bias.

What else would one call all of this? Evidence has been disposed of, data has been altered, clearly there is corruption in the IPCC, and the science is sloppy at best.

The fact is that the critics — who are few in number but aggressive in their attacks — are deploying tactics that they have honed for more than 25 years. During their long campaign, they have greatly exaggerated scientific disagreements in order to stop action on climate change, with special interests like Exxon Mobil footing the bill.

There is zero truth in this paragraph. Climate skeptics are legion. (If you found this page, you can do the research). Notice he throws in a little "evil" Exxon-Mobil for good measure. Of course, research by industry is, by definition suspect, but shoddy research by organizations with an agenda (IPCC) is not?

Today's campaigners against action on Climate Change are in many cases backed by the same lobbies, individuals, and organisations that sided with the tobacco industry to discredit the science linking smoking and lung cancer. Later, they fought the scientific evidence that sulphur oxides from coal-fired power plants were causing "acid rain." Then, when it was discovered that certain chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were causing the depletion of ozone in the atmosphere, the same groups launched a nasty campaign to discredit that science, too.

This is nothing short of slander. Acid rain? Where is it now? There are still oxides of sulfur in many emissions. Surely there must be something somewhere? The story faded to obscurity. The (alleged) Ozone Hole was never shown to be caused by CFC's and that story has faded away. Again, "theory as fact". Name Names, Jeffrey. I dare you.

Sachs also makes claims that the Climategate emails and the fraudulent Himalayan Glacier stories are no big deal. YES THEY ARE. If the UN wants to fundamentally change the way we live, they better have it right. All of it.

Climate change science is a wondrous intellectual activity. Great scientific minds have learned over the course of many decades to "read" the Earth's history, in order to understand how the climate system works.

What this means is that you and I are too stupid to understand.

No we aren't Jeffrey.

Torches and Pitchforks, my friends.

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