Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wake up. Just because we are Conservative doesn't mean we are your chattel. You may not win with us, but you will certainly lose without us.

You betrayed the Conservative movement. You betrayed the Constitution. You made a contract with America and broke it. You have more to atone for than the Democrats do. We know what they are.

"You Lie." You care so little about the values you claim that you apologize for having them. You allow the other side to bully you. You abandon your friends at the drop of a hat.

We believed in you. We thought you were the party of small government. When we needed you most, you spent like drunken Democrats and left us high and dry. "No New Taxes". We read your lips. Then you made a deal with the devil himself. We elected a Texan who appeared for all the world to be Conservative; I know...he was my governor. Nobody helped him in Washington. you allowed him to make bad decisions like "No Child Left Behind", S-CHIP, Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. You allowed him to consort with the political enemy, just as you did, then you let him "swing".

No, I have no use for the GOP. I have no love or allegiance to you. My only allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States of America. So don't send your minions to recruit me or other members of our Patriot movement. And don't spy on us. You claim to be on the same side, but you look down your noses at us.

Those who follow Constitutional principles of small federal government and primacy of the States will have my loyalty. The rest of you won't.


Phelony Jones said...

This is why I wasn't thrilled with Ms. Palin being the speaker at the Tea Party Convention.

Deekaman said...

Ms. Palin is as close to TEA Party principles as the GOP gets. Some organizations have been compromised by the GOP. The nearest one to my daughter has. I told her to start her own.


The Mama said...

Dad, I still think this is a fantastic post. People need to read this. The meeting I was at last night for the state/county delegates was full of people who feel just like we do. The GOP isn't for us, and that message was made crystal clear to me over the last two weeks.