Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yes, Yes....Of Course

I wonder if he really believes this.

As a card-carrying "TEAbagger", I'd have to say he's in for a really big surprise in 2010. And, as one of the commenters indicated, are we devouring the GOP in the same manner as (can't) devoured the party of the jackass? The TEA Party movement is far less hateful and far more inclusive. In my experience, I have been with Right, Center and Left at TEA parties. This is less about Democrat/Republican than it is about Big Government vs. Liberty. I will forsake the GOP if they can't stop spending.They have been as bad as Democrats.

I get asked what part of government I would eliminate. My answer is simple: I would eliminate anything that does not conform to a strict-construction view of the Constitution. People were not starving to death in the streets without the Welfare State any more than they are dying in the streets because "they can't get healthcare". It's a lie. Politicians throw money at voting blocks to get re-elected. They make up crises. And I don't think I'm going to play that game any more.

Kaine should pay attention. I'm not alone.

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Dad29 said...

He's full of shit.

EIGHTY ONE percent of (R) voters will vote in 2010; only FORTY percent of (D)'s will, according to some poll.

Yes, things can change....BUT...

It is the TEA Partiers who are mad as hell and GOING to vote.