Sunday, December 27, 2009

Terror Attacks, Obama and the MSM

Two terror attacks. Intelligence failure. I am unwilling to blame the President (directly anyway) for either attack. Clearly, our methods have been circumvented and need to be upgraded. From the sound of it, the solutions seem pretty feeble (one cannot get up within 1 hour of landing? How does that do anything?). Our unwillingness to use profiling will be our undoing.

The media is not blaming the President, either. I agree with that (with the above caveat), but I have to wonder if Bush would have been given the same deal from the State-Run Media.

I doubt it.


Dad29 said...

Well, the President will make a statement at some time in the future after he breaks 90 on the golf-course.

Holding your breath??

Deekaman said...

I understand he is coming on "shortly".

BFD. Where was he a couple days ago?