Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Different Paradigm

The Beer: Irish Red Ale

The Bicycle: Won't be any riding in a foot of snow.

The VRWC: This is going to be something of a mish-mash, I suppose.

I often bring up what, in another time would have been called "conspiracy theory" and get nothing but blank looks from those with whom I am speaking.

  • It is the intention of this administration to destroy the United States Capitalist system and institute a one-party socialism.
  • The administration and the Democrat party are Statists who wish to unite the US with the UN under UN control.
  • This administration does not care what happens to those in the military. They are but a tool.
  • Everything this administration does is tied to making more people dependent on the government.
  • Life, liberty and property are all at risk under this administration.
  • President Obama is a puppet; someone else is calling the shots.
The responses I get range from, "I'm really not paying attention" to "that can't happen in the United States". I argue that it can and has. This administration is a group of dedicated radicals, aided and abetted by like-minded allies in the press, education and the government bureaucracy. This is not like any administration in US history. It is nefarious. What we thought we knew about government is wrong.

It is nearly impossible that a "community organizer" could rise to the Presidency in roughly ten years with zero track record. It is nearly impossible for any President surrounded by a staff of reasonably intelligent people to do the following unless it is an intentional move to undermine the economy and liberty:

  • Trillions of dollars in debt.
  • Government ownership of two auto manufacturers ("We don't want to run a car company"...then where is the divestment?)
  • Government ownership of financial institutions
  • Attempted government takeover of healthcare
  • Cap and Trade Taxes
  • Apologizing for the United States.
I'm hearing calls for violent revolution. I have used the statement "torches and pitchforks". I hope the 2010 election changes that.

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