Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mr. Newt and (alleged) AGW

I was just watching Newt on Fox talking about EPA and their Draconian CO2 endangerment finding. He now thinks the whole (alleged) AGW thing is crap. It occurred to me that I saw him with Pelosi in a Climate Change PSA not too long ago. Found it:

So, Mr. Newt....WTF? Change of heart? Or seeing how the wind blows for 2012?


Dad29 said...

Unhhhh....none of the above.

Newt is book-smart and street-stupid.

Which is OK, so long as he's in a closet somewhere, pumping out ideas on paper, and NEVER speaks to the public.

Deekaman said...

Dad...all I can tell you is how it looks.

Phelony Jones said...


Dave A said...