Friday, December 18, 2009

Proving The Negative

Jill Lawrence has just about everything wrong here.

Referring to bailouts:

For instance, say Obama and his party had not muscled through a $787 billion stimulus package and spent nearly that much to rescue banks and car companies. Most experts say those steps averted the collapse of the U.S. economy. A collapse would have been, suffice it to say, far more upsetting to voters than the bailouts and deficit spending they are criticizing now.

This cannot be known or proven. She also fails to mention the incredible amount of pork in these bills. Seeking Alpha has a good take on this. It would have been better to let some of these businesses fail. GM and Chrysler are unlikely to ever make it. Not without huge taxpayer infusions.

She seems to think Obamacare will be better than anyone else's Socialized Medicine:

Do Republicans truly believe that health reform will be the beginning of the end of freedom, democracy and health care as we know it?

The answer is an unequivocal, "yes". At least for us Conservatives. First, no one has been able to pull off socialized medicine without rationing and a huge, Draconian bureaucracy. Second, never, in history has a government amassed so much power and information over their citizens and failed to use it against them.

At the same time, 69 percent in the latest Pew poll say the debate is hard to understand, up from 63 percent in July.

Maybe the Senate Majority Leader would be willing to post the bill on-line, then? hard to understand if it's not available.

The remainder of the article is more of the same.

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