Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not Enough To Do

Seems the Sussex Square Homeowners Association doesn't have enough to do.

Van Barfoot isn't hurting anyone and is certainly not hurting any property values. This is strictly an "rules are rules" issue. Make an exception. He was the guy laying it on the line while his neighbors were comfy and cozy in their homes.

IMHO, combat veterans should be given pretty much whatever they need or want. They made this country possible. I never saw combat, but I know plenty who did. I'm not fit to polish their boots.

Neither are you.

Edit 2235: Starman reminds me that Barfoot signed the covenants knowing full well what the rules are.

I'm not sure that changes my stand. Homeowners Associations are infamous for enforcing only those covenants they want to enforce.

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Dad29 said...

IIRC, the covenants only state that 'stuff should be aesthetically pleasing' or similar wording.

So: is the flagpole UGLY?